KEITH is a Raspberry Pi powered robot, first conceived around July 2014. He started off as a Pi, a PiRoCon Motor Control Board, a battery and a few motors on a Tamiya base plate and set of tracks.

KEITH then evolved to have a custom laser cut chassis (designed by Andy Merckel), an ultrasonic distance sensor, a pair of homemade wheel encoders, a set of reflectance sensors for line following, LOTS of LEDs and a decorative but functional set of circuitry tracks running down each mudguard.

We spent a lot of time planning the first KEITH and production took a while, but it was worth it when, at Pi Wars in Cambridge, we won the overall third places for the over £75 and autonomous robot categories!

Have a look at the main post here and at the gallery!

KEITH Evolution

For PiWars 2015 we developed a new robot, bigger and better in many ways than last year’s - KEITH Evolution. You can see how we made KEITH Evo and how we got on in the competition (Very well!) at the KEITH Evolution Blog Archive.

KEITH 3 (Mostly Harmless)

KEITH 3 (Mostly Harmless) will be our entry for PiWars 2017 (pushed back from December to April to make it better timing for everyone), and will feature improved tracks, electronics and code! We’ll be posting updates on the main blog.

The website

This website is powered by Jekyll using the Hyde layout. Jekyll is a blogging system that creates static HTML files from code and text content, and offers a lot of flexibility. I’m hosting this website using GitHub Pages, which processes the Jekyll markdown and Liquid code automatically and is completely free!

Contact us!

It’s probably easiest to contact us via email, blog@keiththerobot.uk, or on Twitter - @KEITHtheRobot (Main KEITH account), @davedude0 (Harry, programming and electronics) and @andyrmerckel (CAD, engineering, financing!)

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KEITHtheRobot for updates on when new blog posts are live!