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KEITH 3 (Mostly Harmless) will be at PiWars 2017!

Well, we’ve had the email from Mike and Tim to say that Team Keith has an entry. We will be competing on Sunday 2nd April in the Pro/Veteran class! Not sure about ‘pro’, but we are definitely veterans of the competition…

As you can tell from the title, the next robot will be called KEITH 3 (Mostly Harmless). That’s the result of hours of deliberation – honest! KEITH 3 will, once again, be tracked and use wood (or MDF) as the main chassis material.

New tracks - closeup

New tracks have already been acquired and an initial chassis has been designed and cut. The tracks have very little give/stretch in them and the initial design left them a little tight. The CAD was altered and new parts cut. True to form the tracks are a little loose now, but will work for our initial testing. Harry has started to gather other parts. A Pi3 will be at KEITH 3’s heart and we will use radio control again for manual control. That method gave absolutely no problems last year and it seems sensible to do the same again. A power source needs to be decided on and the motors need testing to ensure that they will do what we need them to.

We are hoping to make a trip over to Bradford in the near future to see the Bradford Grammar team. The 2014 KEITH has been brought out of hibernation. His distance sensor is not working (the original was pinched for KEITH Evo when his failed), but we have Wiimote control, flashing LEDs, line-following and a working golf attachment. Harry is very critical of his code from 2014!! KEITH Evo is also up and running.

KEITH, KEITH Evo and the KEITH 3 prototype chassis!

We have some ideas about the various challenges, but we will start to develop those once KEITH 3 is moving. Watch this space!


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