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Will it All Work?

‘A few hours work to put everything together’ I said… Just a few! However, the long hours drawing everything in detail paid off as almost everything went together as planned. Well, there were a couple of holes that I had enlarged in the wrong direction(!) and I had transposed a wrong and fundamental dimension onto three other parts. The first problem was easily fixed with a drill and a craft knife. The second required a minor redraw and new parts to be cut. I took advantage of the redraw to improve the original just to make everything fit together more easily.

Parts Parts

All components will have been put together in the next day or so. I needed a few new jumper wires which are winging their way from an Ebay seller as I write. As with KEITH Evo, the Pi is now mounted on a hinged tray so that everything underneath can be got at without the need to pull wires.

Spaghetti Spaghetti

We have a single servo, used in two challenges, on the robot. I had hoped to use an attachment for one of the challenges, leaving the parts for the other challenge permanently attached. I have now decided that is too ambitious, so we will swap the servo arm for the two challenges. No great issue, but it has changed the way that the servo is fixed to allow access for the arm change.

Blinky bits are in and working, complete with the obligatory laser in its own custom 3D printed housing. The 3D printer has been hard at work for a few other bits too, but we’re going to keep those under wraps until the competition. We have a new idea for giving our tracks better grip for those challenges that need it - we think just the obstacle course. Having full proportional throttle control means that we can control ‘track-spin’ on other challenges with reasonable ease. The lack of three-point-turn this year (hurrah!) means that we do not need to work out how to turn accurately using the motors, but are using other sensors instead. We think that will make things a little easier this year…

Inside Inside

Underneath Underneath

Tee-shirts have also been designed and ordered!

As soon as everything is fixed in place we will be testing the control and sensor systems. We then hope to have a little time for practicing…

Details Details Details

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