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The Home Straight?

No motor control. LEDs on when they should be off. Distance sensor giving odd readings. Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhh!!

Deep breath. Remove home made circuits and recheck. Discover a poor connection, probably created when the switch was introduced between the battery and the circuit, and rectify it. Double, double check all continuity across the board and that we have the right voltages in the right places.

Everything plugged back in.

‘All’ that is left to do now is final checks on the wheel counters and to refine the code for the three point turn and straight line test. Then we need to practice without breaking it!

Deadline on blogs? What deadline? It would have helped if the entrant had remembered to tell the team earlier than five minutes after it had passed…

See you all next weekend. :-D

~Andy and Harry

And now, images!

An arty shot

The front

The back

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