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Go Slow...

We’ve made some progress over the last week or two, but not much! The circuits for voltage regulation, motor control and the interface for the ultrasonic sensor has been transferred from breadboard to stripboard, soldered, tested and appears to be working properly. No magic smoke so far.


And yes, there is now strain relief on the battery cables!

The chassis has been revised and we have been waiting to get it cut. Unfortunately our friend at Harry’s school was fully occupied by open evenings and his proper job so was unable to cut for us before half-term. Today we will visit our friends at Leeds Hackspace who have said they will help. :-) With new parts we will be able to assemble Keith Evo in a form nearer to that to be used In PiWars and fully test everything before Harry submits his code in mid November.

The skittle challenge is starting to come together. I may need to get the mig welder out at the weekend…


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