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Acquisition of Knowledge and Bits

The release of the magic smoke was a bit of a set back, but better now that in December! We acquired a multimeter and used it to find the stall current of the motors we are using. This turned out to be around 3 amps, which was why the chip Harry had chosen for the first motor controller had not coped… He did some more research and found an H-Bridge driver chip with a 5 amp rating. Two, one for each motor, have now arrived, together with heat sinks and a few other little bits of technical-looking stuff. We now have a collection of sensors, old bits, new bits and a few ideas of how they go together.


It will all go together, somehow!

We are currently working with a simple chassis that is basically a bucket with the tracks and motors attached, and looks a lot like a WW1 tank. I’ve been working on Cad to draft something a little better. I now know what a ‘living hinge’ is and the very helpful DT team at Harry’s school have cut some test parts on the laser cutter. Whether I can get away from the ‘tank’ look is yet to be seen. There are only so many ways to configure a tracked vehicle…

The skittle challenge is also still taxing the grey matter, although ideas are now forming that involve tubes, elastic, a servo and exploration of the shed. Wish me luck!


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