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One Step at a Time

Silly title really because KEITH Evo has tracks and DC motors…

The new parts for the motor controller have been assembled on the breadboard and everything worked first time! Harry now needs to join the controller to the Pi, the Pi to the arduino, the arduino to the rc receiver and test everything to see how KEITH moves under control. We think we’re good to go – fire extinguisher at the ready! We’ll let you know…

I’ve been working further on the chassis. I’m now coming to the conclusion that whatever I do, KEITH Evo will look like a tank. It was inevitable, I suppose. However, unlike last year, the aim is to have everything in one package with none of the add-ons that we had with KEITH. Swapping parts and plugging on attachments last year was responsible for several problems within the challenges. The aim is for KEITH Evo to be as robust as possible.


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