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Back On Track

We’re starting to get organised now. Tracks and motors are in our possession and the drive wheels for the tracks have been modified (I’m told the correct term is ‘hacked’) to fit the motor shafts. Initial CAD drawings have been done to start to map out the track configuration. Having chosen an A4 plan size there is loads of room for everything else! The original Keith was a masterclass in fitting things in to no space, so this may be a little easier as we bring things together and change our minds about things! The basic chassis configuration needs to be decided on and Harry needs to make friends with the tech teacher at his new school!

Harry is well on with taming the radio control. The original receiver was identified as being made in the very early 1980s and proved impossible to hack to intercept the radio signal from the transmitter. However, a bit of research and a purchase of a slightly later model with more modern electronics has allowed the signal to be identified and work is underway to allow the Pi to read that and ultimately control motors and possibly servos.

Harry is also looking at constructing his own motor controller. We’ll be using a 12 volt supply for the motors and the board will be able to provide a regulated 5v supply to the Pi as well. Lasers have been acquired and a reason for including them on KEITH EVO is being dreamt up. I’m playing with a number of ideas for the system that will propel the ball for the skittles challenge. I’m not sure the cannon powered by lighter fuel will be acceptable(!) so current ideas are using elastic / springs. Our attachment for the golf challenge last year lacked power and was very difficult to reload. That didn’t matter last year as it was a one-shot requirement, but this time it needs to be used up to six times in quick succession, so thinking caps on…


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