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Progress, sort of...

This week we got some tracks for KEITH Evo! We’re still unsure as to how we want them laid out, but the current ideas are similar to last year - a small surface contact area with angles at each end so we can traverse the obstacle course. We’ve decided to stay true to the original KEITH and we’ll be using laser-cut plywood as the primary construction material.

Tuesday evening was a trip to the Leeds Hackspace, where we picked up some electronics hardware and some advice. We may return soon to use some of the huge range of tools and machinery they have!

Grandad also loaned us the use of one of his early 1980s 35MHz transmitter and receiver sets from one of his old R/C planes. So far we tested it using an LED and all of the channels seem to be working just fine.
The plan for this is to convert the PWM signal, meant to directly control a servo, from the receiver using an arduino into something the Pi can use. Hopefully that’ll be the primary method of manual control for KEITH Evo, and will certainly be a big improvement over the previous wii remote – a lot can be said for old technology!

Saying all of that, KEITH Evo is still in early blueprint form, but hopefully we’ll have something to show soon!


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